Memo From the CSN Coordinator

January 12, 2018

Hello Wonderful People,

Thank you for all you do to make the world a better, kinder place.

This is a note to call attention to some things that can help you connect and communicate with CSN.

Emails to the CSN Coordinator (yours truly)

We want your communication with CSN to be easy and efficient for you. CSN gets a fair number of emails, and though I try to be thorough and careful, I sometimes miss things that have been sent as replies to the large group emails we send: CSNNC News, Job Announcements, and Meeting Reminders. To help your information get through efficiently, you can edit the subject line so that it begins with what you are writing about.

Press Releases and Flyers

We so appreciate getting information from you, and because of the volume of things we receive, it’s very helpful if organizations that send press releases and flyers can include at least an abbreviation of the organization name in filenames.

Quick Links

Each week there is a lot of information in “Quick Links” (updated weekly on our website News page, which feeds our weekly Tuesday morning e-news). Items in Quick Links are:

  • about ongoing activities/services
  • information that came after the weekly deadline for e-news submissions (Fridays at noon)
  • things that are happening later than featured items. If we get very early notice of an upcoming event, it will be cycled in and out of a featured slot over the weeks. If it’s not featured, it will appear in Quick Links.
  • new things that just couldn’t fit in the featured items slots (a maximum of 10)
  • we always include the link to the Friday Memo from the office of County CEO Rick Haffey. It’s a great way to keep up with what’s going on.
  • links to current newsletters of CSN Partner organizations.

April ~ Child Abuse Prevention Month

There will be some great things going on locally and in Sacramento to mark CAP month this April. Event details will be on our website and in the e-news as we get finalized info.

Questions or comments? Get in touch!

With warm thanks and appreciation…onward we go…

Susan Sanford, CSN Coordinator,