Jim Rogers Memorial Bike Ride ~ Feb. 11

January 18, 2018

Thanks to Karen Wallack-Eisen for this info. Here’s the note from her about the Jim Rogers Memorial Bike Ride…


Here is the flyer for JR Bike Ride: Jim flyer 9 – Feb 2018.  Please share where possible.  This is an annual event to bring awareness to the issue of Distracted Driving.  Jim was killed while riding his bike in 2010 by a driver on her cell phone.  The ride is for all ages and abilities. There are two routes – one that is approx. 16-18 miles, the other is approx. 6 miles.

I am available to answer any questions and/or to provide more information if needed.


Karen Wallack-Eisen

Community-School Liaison / Case Manager, PARTNERS Family Resource Center, 530-588-4844 or 530-265-3809 or knwe@sbcglobal.net