Behavioral Health Director, Rebecca Slade, Announces Her Retirement

December 4, 2017

Photo of Rebecca Slade

Thanks to the Friday Memo from the office of County CEO Rick Haffey for this info. Becky Slade was one of our most memorable CSN speakers. She spoke to us eloquently about trauma and trauma informed care, and is very knowledgeable about ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences. She has generously shared her expertise with CSN Partners on many occasions. With thanks and deep appreciation we wish her well in her retirement. Here’s the item from the Friday Memo…

Nevada County’s Behavioral Health Director, Rebecca Slade, has announced her retirement. Becky is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist of twenty-five years and has worked for Nevada County for twelve years, including ten years as the Program Manager for Children’s Behavioral Health and two years as the Behavioral Health Director.

She helped to create an award winning Children’s System of Care, a Latino Outreach program, the Second Step program in local schools, a Suicide Prevention program, and represented the County with dignity and professionalism. She expanded services to children and families and strengthened relationships with both community partners and HHSA Departments.

Most recently, Becky and Behavioral Health staff hosted the Steinburg Institute, a statewide organization dedicated to advancing sound public policy and inspiring leadership on issues of brain health. This visit was a step towards advocating and creating understanding around the policy needs of Behavioral Health departments in rural counties. Thanks to Becky’s leadership in Behavioral Health, “Nevada County serves as an outstanding model of Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) spending, amplified by an innovative blend of other revenue streams,” says Maggie Merritt, Executive Director of the Steinberg Institute. “Our thanks to this team whose professionalism and dedication are changing lives every day.”

We’d like to thank Becky for the twelve years she dedicated to Nevada County and its residents.