Community Support Network of Nevada County

The Community Support Network of Nevada County is an inclusive, voluntary association of agencies and individuals from the Nevada County community who share a common mission:  That all families in Nevada County have ready access to a well-integrated and coordinated support network that is easily available and well funded.

The CSN grew organically when a small number of agencies working to support families decided to come together with the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) to ensure that services provided were meeting needs and to identify and fill gaps in these services.  The successful nature of these gatherings with support and funding from First 5 Nevada County and CAPC nurtured a real sense of collaboration and the seed began to grow.

There are now over 60 member organizations that include government agencies, education agencies, community-based organizations, businesses, parents, faith-based groups and others interested in improving the quality life for children and families in our community.

The CSN meets monthly to share ideas, learn about area programs and collaborations, and discuss matters affecting Nevada County families.  We work together to build skills and abilities that will sustain and improve our individual and collaborative efforts to serve the community.  By holding regular, focused meetings, we improve and foster communication, coordination and collaboration of both public and private agency services for families.  We also advocate for families by identifying, raising awareness, building recognition and enhancing visibility around existing and emerging issues that strengthen families and improve the health and quality of life for people in our community – especially those facing challenges and underserved.

CSN Steering Committee

The direction for CSN meetings is guided by a small group of members who have volunteered to participate in this leadership role and are committed … are available to attend monthly Network meetings as well as monthly steering committee meetings … will act as liaison to one of the identified essential functions and help develop an action group to fulfill activities to meet their function … agree to a time commitment of approximately 8 hours per month … accept responsibility for their share of leadership and facilitation of periodic network meetings … and will support the generative culture of the Network.  Current members are: Lael Walz, EMQ FamiliesFirst; Lindsay Dunckel, First 5 of Nevada County and CAPC Board; Lynn Woerner, Kare Crisis Nursery; Marcia Westbrook, Child Care Coordinating Council and CAPC Board; Ned Russell, 40 Assets; Kristen McGrew, Countywide Coordinator of Safe Schools Healthy Students and CAPC Board; Charleen DeWitt, CAPC; Rachel Peña Roos, Victor Community Support Services and CAPC Chair; Cindy Santa Cruz-Reed; Guinevere Ewing, PLEAG Parent Representative.

Here are a couple of relevant documents: